As a non-profit our first mission is to create jobs for people who live with disability or other barriers. We also plan to build a K-Lumet Co-Operative Partnership Network throughout BC, giving many communities the opportunity to serve a forgotten population and to make their community more attractive, raising community image and reputation.


K-Lumet is committed to real work for real pay. This isn’t a sheltered workshop, everyone who works at K-Lumet gets a fair wage as well as accommodations like transportation and childcare. 

This opportunity for inclusive employment has the potential to change thousands of lives for the better. Our warehouse and business model is designed with community in mind - our team of workers will work side by side at their own pace on a schedule that suits their unique needs. We will create a work culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion and share what we learn. Inclusive workplaces bring out the best in everyone by encouraging empathy and awareness. We are a pioneer in the movement to transform the way manufacturing companies hire and run their day to day operations. When you support K-Lumet you become a part of that movement for a more inclusive society.

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