1994: A professional sociology workshop manager of the Center Les Perce-Neige in Les Hauts-Geneveys (Neuchâtel) invents the K-LUMET®, the pilot project begins and the firelighter is patented.

1997:  Manufacture and sales throughout French-speaking Switzerland (40 institutions). Once the Romandie facility is created, the project spreads to German Switzerland and Ticino.

2001: Sales and production throughout Switzerland. Contract with the headquarters of a major Swiss distributor.

Spring 2005: Expansion to Germany, partnership with a German institution.

Summer 2005: K-LUMET® receives the seal of quality from the accident prevention advisory center.

Spring 2007: Extension to Belgium, partnership with a Belgian institution.

2007: K-LUMET® is published on the Internet at www.k-lumet.ch.

The 500'000th K-LUMET® box was produced and sold.

Spring 2010: extension to Poland and France, partnership with 2 institutions in these countries.

2013: One million boxes of K-LUMET® are sold

2014: K-LUMET® celebrates its 20th anniversary

Today: Almost 2,000 jobs are in more than 250 Swiss social institutions.

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