What Are One Light Fire Starters?


One Light fire starters are lightweight, easy to use, and weather proof. They are made from wax soaked recycled wood which has been held together with a recycled paper band and a wick runs through the centre. This design makes the fire starter capable of starting a fire without kindling or paper. You just have to light it! They’re small enough to fit in your pocket or survival kit. Take them on your next hiking, or camping trip and you’ll always be able to light a fire.


How Are One Light Fire Starters used?

One Light fire starters light easily with a lighter or matches. Simply light the wicks on either end and place wood around and on top. It can be used in wood stoves and campfires as well as barbecues. Please obey all local fire bans and when in the outdoors please Leave No Trace.


Are They Safe For Food?

Absolutely. Because One Light fire starters burn completely and leave behind no residues they are safe for cooking food. The wax they are soaked in is a mix of paraffin, soy and beeswax.


What Are They Made Out Of?

One Light fire starters are made from recycled materials: waste wood, paper rolls and candle wax. These materials are diverted from the waste stream making our product an eco-friendly choice.


How Long Do They Burn?

One Light fire starters burn for up to 15 minutes. This long burn time eliminates the need for small pieces of wood or kindling.


Will One Light Fire Starters Work In The Rain?

Yes, One Light fire starters will light and burn in the rain or when wet


Are One Light Fire Starters Right for Me?

One Light fire starters were designed with everyone in mind and are very easy to use. They are small enough to carry in your pocket, purse, or emergency kit. Use in your fireplace, campfire, charcoal grill, or anywhere you need a safe, easy fire. If you can light a candle you can use One Light fire starters.

There are no chemical additives that can leave behind residues or messy lighter fluid or gels that can flare up or spill. And unlike messy and dangerous lighter fluid or gels that can spill or flare up, or chemicals like hexamine (Hexamethylenetetramine / methenamine) or trioxane that can release toxic gasses, One Light fire starters are non toxic, clean and easy to use.


How Big Are One Light Fire Starters?

One Light fire starters are 7cm (2.75") long and approximately 4.5cm (1.75") in diameter. They are small enough that you can always have some with you. Pack a few in your glove box for emergencies. Throw a few in your hiking bag so you’ll be ready when temperatures drop.


Are One Light Fire Starters Safe for the Environment?

We here at One Light believe in reusing materials once destined for the landfill. One Light Fire Starters are made with recycled materials to preserve our planet’s resources. The fire starters burn clean and low odour so they do not add pollution to the air.


Do One Light Fire Starters Have a Shelf Life?

One Light fire starters do not have a shelf life. They can be stored indefinitely. 

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