We’re new to having a wood stove and new to your product. Gave it a go and LOVE it! Well done design! We’ll always have some on hand.


Many thanks to One fire starters for making beach fires so easy  


Since using K-lumet fire starters, lighting my fire has been so much easier. With other methods there was always smoke and smell in my house...I don’t have to deal with that anymore! 

The fire starters burn odourless and there is almost no smoke. Simply light the two wicks on the right and left and the charcoal is lit without effort. Paper and kindling wood are not needed. I have used K-Lumet several times myself in my charcoal grill and find it very reliable. I'm going to buy this fire starter again! 


Burns and burns and burns. 5 out of 5 stars! 


I use these fire starters for our kettle grill and for our fireplace. The fire lighters function well and reliably set coal and wood on fire -  One fire starter is usually enough. In contrast to other lighting aids, they burn without an annoying stench, which is especially important to me when grilling ( I use them with the Weber grill). K-lumet is a little more expensive than the other brands - but they are worth it to me, also because they are made from recycled materials and by persons with disabilities.


Better than conventional fire starters. With this fire starter, the fire is going in very little time. One is quite enough! I'll buy it again.


Used in a wood stove. Everything was clean and simple and the fire started easily. A good price/performance ratio.


Quality, super easy to light and burns long. Far superior to others I have tried. One is enough to start the fireplace.


Absolutely recommend!


Easy to use!


I've been using this fire starter for over two years and I've probably lit our fireplace 100 times with it. I can't remember any case where this product did not light the fire at the first attempt. A little wood over the fire starter and the fire burns, without odour or residues. I can't think of a better fire starter.

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