High quality fire starters that replace traditional kindling

Times are costly right now. A new budget size fire starter got added to our offerings and has become our bestseller! It has been tested by many customers, and will save you money.

We employ persons with special needs, like Zackery.

How did you find us?  

To order or inquire, contact:

Barbarah Kisschowsky

Franchise Owner for British Columbia, Canada.


4791 Sanderson Rd

Gillies Bay, BC

V0N 1W0 - Canada














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Made from natural wax wood, K-Lumet fire starters outperform traditional kindling &

come in Medium size (burns for 8 min).........CAD $0.75 each (our best seller!)

and Large size (burns for 15 min)..........CAD $1.50 each


Shipping by FedEx ground or Canada Post. You pay the exact fee.
Contact us to pay via e-transfer: 


(prices in Canadian dollars, shipping/handling will be added upon ordering)



k-lumet Medium (L) and Large (R)

K-Lumet Medium (at left) and Large size (right)

Mixing sizes is a great idea!



Fire Starters Wholesale for the lowest cost (60 piece minimum)


How did you find us?  
  • Pack of 30/30 ( 30 medium, 30 large) = $67.50  (+ *shipping within BC is $23.00, AB = $29.00)

  • Pack of 60/60 ( 60 medium, 60 large) =$135.00 (+ *shipping within BC is $33.00, AB = $39.00)

  • Pack of 150 medium = $112.50 (+ *shipping within Bc is $26.00, AB=  $32.00)

  • Pack of 200 medium =$150.00 (+ *shipping within BC is $29.00, AB = $35.00)

*Shipping Costs are added upon ordering as listed above


Bulk Sale!

Our Story

K-lumet is a Social Enterprise franchise. It originates in Switzerland. Since 1995 K-lumet has been giving work to persons with special needs and mental health problems.


In over 20 years, K-lumet has grown into an international franchise model, giving hundreds of people meaningful work.


I brought K-lumet to BC with the wish to give my son Zackery work. Others like him soon followed, finding employment with K-lumet.


Zackery is not just special needs, he also is low functioning. As a mother, I know how difficult it is to find work for someone with these restrictions. I tried for many years before I took action to change things for him. I decided to purchase the K-lumet franchise for BC.


Today I see my son having meaningful work and loving his job. He feels needed and is proud of his job. K-lumet has created joy in his life, my life, and that of caregivers.


We are on Texada Island. We are small. We are helping Texada's Non Profit organizations through fundraising.


As times are costly, we sell bulk budget-size K-lumets as well as regular larger sized ones. 


Try them out. You might get hooked on them like our regular longterm customers. You will love the convenience!


Happy cozy wood stove ambiance!