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We are dedicated to giving work to persons with special needs.



What We Do

 is part of Zackery’s Social Network Society

K-Lumet produces, markets and sells eco-friendly fire starters from waste wood products and wax.

We provide on the job work experience for persons with special needs in customer service, sales, marketing, delivery and distribution, communication, planning, time management, money management and banking. 

We honour BC Minimum Wage laws.

Look for us in stores, tourist information offices, resorts, farmers’ markets, and at Camp-and RV sites on Vancouver Island.

We produce environmentally friendly & useful fire starters.

We have different sizes of boxes available for various uses at home or out in the great outdoors!

We employ persons with special needs, like Zackery.

How did you find us?  


Barbarah Kisschowsky

Franchise Owner Canada


4791 Sanderson Rd

Gillies Bay, BC

V0N1W0 - Canada





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website: rabideye.com





Medium size burns for 8 min.........CAD $0.75 each (our best seller!)

Large size burns for 15 min..........CAD $1.00 each


Shipping by FedEx ground or Canada Post. You pay the exact fee.
Contact us to pay via PayPal or e-transfer: 


(prices in Canadian dollars, shipping/handling and taxes will be added upon ordering)


 K-lumet is part of Zackery's Social Network Society, giving work to persons with special needs.

Thank you for your support!

k-lumet Medium (L) and Large (R)

K-Lumet Medium (at left) and Large size (right)

Mixing sizes is a great idea!



Wholesale, Bulk and Low Cost

60 piece minimum